Several million dollars of reform, and what do you get?

Every year, I tell myself I’m going to file a complaint. I actually keep track of the time. It’s kind of a game to me now. And for those of you who know me well, you know I usually don’t file complaints. At a drive up window, I could order baked chicken parm and instead get a 59 cent taco, and I would not complain. I’d rather not mess with it. I don’t have time to keep up my blog (as shown by the time passed since my last entry!), let alone take time to go complain about something small like my order being wrong and be labeled a complainer. I’d rather do about anything than to take it back and ask them to fix it.

So, this trip I am forced to take every year seems to go the same way every time. So now, I am taking the time to blog my complaint at least. This journey is one that I dread very much. Each time I go, I keep an optimistic attitude. I check the wait times before I even think about going. But, it’s no use. Some years I’ve had to take one of my three precious vacation days just to do it. It seems so pointless to have to take a day off work just to go. So just what is this journey? Why, I’m so glad you asked! It’s a trip to the Indiana BMV, of course.

Back in Evansville, I remember waiting 3-4 hours every year I went. So when I moved to Bloomington and it only took 2 1/2, I was thrilled. I’m not kidding about having to take a day off work to go to the BMV. There just wasn’t any way around it. What about those 3 hours on Saturday and that one night they stay open late? Well, that just doesn’t work with my work schedule. It doesn’t help. I would usually make some joke with the poor office clerk trying to help me. They would tell me some days are better to come in, so I’d try those days. I tried in the morning, I tried at night. It didn’t make any difference. No matter when it was… it was at least a 3 hour wait. Two clerks and a hundred customers. What a mess. And, it didn’t help that the lady that usually helped me was so scatter brained that she had to rip up and re-do my paperwork 4 times before she got it right… or I should say close enough.

Because these kind of stories are rampid throughout the state, elected officials are pressured to make changes. So, they invested in yet *another* new computer system that is supposed to make things easier. And every time they do, I listen to the clerks complain about the new system, how the old one didn’t cause so many problems, and that the system is down half the time.

So, a few years ago I noticed a PR campaign that the BMV started to show that it’s faster and better. You can go online and see the average wait times at all the branches. They proudly advertised their new, lower wait times. The average wait time was like 20 minutes statewide. They showed the ranges. And, you can pull up your local branch and see what the wait time is at any time they are open. What they DON’T tell you is that the published time is only from the time you check in until the time your number is called. Three years ago, I spent nearly 3 hours at the BMV before I walked out with my renewed license plate. My wait time? 38 minutes according to the BMV. They didn’t mention that I had to stand in line for 2 hours just to check in!!!!!

Last year, it was the same story… but I only stood in line for an hour and a half before I checked in… but my wait time was 45 minutes. Still, 2 1/4 hours was better than 3. And what was the wait time on the web site? 5-10 minutes, of course.

With some unexpected optimism, I checked the web site before I left work today just on the chance that I could actually get in and out in under an hour today. That’s more than the time I had, but it’s more than I have the rest of the month. So I foolishly checked again… and it said the wait was 5-10 minutes, and it was updated 3 minutes ago. So I drove straight to the BMV as fast as I could.

You guessed it, I didn’t even go in. There was a standing line that was at least 45 minutes just to check in. Then, a room full of people waiting to be called… which would take at least an hour to get through. I just drove on by. I came home, and pulled up the web site. It had been updated 10 minutes before I checked. The wait time? It’s currently 5 to 10 minutes. Gee, it’s amazing how that 2 hour line went to 5 minutes in a matter of sheer minutes 😉

I noticed they added this disclaimer to the web site: “This time represents the average of the visit times of customers whose transaction ended in the last ten minutes. Visit times begin when a customer checks in with a branch employee.” So now they tell you that it’s from the time a customer checks in, but they don’t tell you that it takes longer to check in than it does to be served!

So… my advice is to not even look at the times on the web site. I have never found them to be even close to accurate.

I may try again tomorrow if I have time. I’d try the online service or the self service if it wasn’t for having the amateur radio plates. The price for amateur radio plates may be $8 according to the BMV, but it’s really $8 and 3 hours of my time and an annual trip since they don’t just do renewal stickers for the ham radio geeks like me.

So, millions of dollars of our tax money has been spent to reform the BMV. Just what did it accomplish?????

More good news, more bad news

My goodness… I never dreamed I would have gone nearly 6 months without making a post. So much to write, so little time. I have so many projects, so much work to do, so much to fix, so many people to visit… I wonder if I’ll ever be able to catch up. But enough about me.

I-69 clearing finally started!

Wow. I’ve been waiting over 10 years to say that! And, I missed it. It was more than 2 weeks ago. The best quote I’ve seen so far is from Jeff Kolb. “It’s about doggone time.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s still so far away, but at least it’s moving now. I can’t imagine the time it could have saved, the lives it could have saved, and the accidents we could have avoided over the last 10 years. Hopefully things will move along quickly.

Mr. Wildcat died

Now for the bad news. It’s a sad time for the Big Blue Nation. Bill Keightley, better known as “Mr. Wildcat” died in Cincinnati on Monday. He has been the equipment manager for every UK coach since Rupp, and apparently the best friend of everyone at UK. I never had the pleasure of meeting him up close, but I haven’t heard so many good things about a man in my life. I know how important that job can be first hand. You can make or break a coach’s or player’s day. You can change the whole atmosphere of a practice. Bill must have been really something… not to mention still going at age 81, with 42 years on the Big Blue Bench. It wasn’t the storybook ending he deserved. He fell off a bus going to the Reds opening game, and ruptured a tumor he didn’t know he had. I’m sure UK will find a way to honor him. I hope they at least name the floor at the new Joe Craft center practice facility after him, or maybe even Memorial Coliseum. Here’s to Bill Keightley, #1 wildcat.

Good news, Bad news

Well, I have learned some very sad news and some very happy news. So I guess all things even out…. well at least a lot of them.

First, the sad news. Just 4 weeks ago, I stumbled onto my latest favorite TV show. I can’t remember seeing a show this funny that I really looked forward to for a very long time. And of course, now it’s cancelled. The Half Hour News Hour ran on Fox News Channel for 13 episodes before Fox News pulled it to “make some adjustments”. I can’t imagine what they could adjust to make it better. The fake commercials were hilarious, and the interviews were just so full of wit. I can’t believe it’s gone. Surely it didn’t cost much to make. And, as I google the show, I see all kinds of people who hate it… of course they hate it because the show makes their views look pretty ridiculous. So I guess when you see how off center your view is, you divert the attention by complaining about how horrible it is. It’s almost like Dennis Kucinich diverting the dicsussion of every issue to Iraq. What’s wrong with Social Security? Well, we shouldn’t spent the money on Iraq. Healthcare? Iraq. Education? Iraq. The cost of ice cream? You guessed it, Iraq. Give me a break! How about answering the questions instead of sidestepping them all the time! So anyway, three cheers for the Half Hour News Hour team. I hope it’s released on DVD soon, or even better BRING IT BACK!!

Now for the good news! Ann Coulter was on an interview on Fox (only a little liberal) News Channel last night announcing her new book! It was released today. It looks to be very funny. If it’s anything like the other two I have, it will be very entertaining and right on target as usual. In fact, I think I’ll go get it right now!!

So…. bye for now. Rappster out.

Since when does being a politician make you an expert in atmospheric chemistry?

Did I read this right? Al Gore was honored for his work concerning “global warming” ??? Since when does being a politician make you an expert in atmospheric chemistry????

The University of Minnesota made an incredibly smart move when they hired Tubby Smith as basketball coach. But before that happened, they considered giving Al Gore a doctorate for climatology??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????

I don’t go around telling lawyers how to do their jobs. Bankers, chefs… the list goes on and on. But yet, a politician can instantly be an expert in climatology? Education? Medicine? Give me a break.

Recently, a forum was held in Indianapolis about high school education. The panel was made up of doctors, politicians, business leaders… and one teacher. Now I agree that community input and involvement is important, but wouldn’t it make sense to ask the people who have been professionally trained and have experience in that field what works and what doesn’t?????

Rapp’s Rant now open!

Some time ago when blogging first came out, people were a bit suprised I had not yet jumped on the blogging bandwagon. So I’m a computer geek. But I just wasn’t into this blog thing. If I wanted to say something, I’d write a web page. Well, I guess I got tired of that and had a lot to say and not enough time. So, I’m giving this a try. I probably don’t have time to do this either, but lately it seems that I’ve finally got out of the “keep your opinions to yourself” mode that I’ve been in for the last few years. So, look out world. Here we go.

Let me also say that what is written here is not necessarily the viewpoint of Blogger; Google; any of my current, past, or future employers; the lawyers that handle all those requests for espress, written consent from major league baseball; or anyone else. It’s mine. I’m entitled to my opinion just like you are entitled to yours. What is said here is my opinion, and should be treated as such. This is my personal site, and has NO CONNECTION OR LINK to any of my other web sites or professional duties.

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