Someone finally figured it out!

Gee, this study is about 30 years overdue! It didn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure this one out!

Study: Teacher Sleep Deprivation Costs $100 Billion Annually Report

A new study from Ball State University shows U.S. teachers are suffering from a lack of sleep and admit to being impaired in the classroom. The trend is costing businesses more than $100 billion annually due to workplace accidents, decreased productivity and absenteeism. Nearly a fourth of teachers say their teaching skills are significantly diminished and half admit to missing work or making errors due to a serious lack of sleep. The study also found 44.9 percent of respondents work part-time jobs. Researchers say many teachers are forced to coach, farm, run a family business or work a second job just to pay the bills.

BMV: The Sequel

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I went to the BMV the very next day. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to wait. But, I would trade waiting for what happened.

I went to pick up my plate, which I have to do every year, and only at the specified license branch, because the ham radio plates are special ordered from Indianapolis. So I can’t just pick it up anywhere. Now, the BMV has changed it’s policy. They don’t send the plates to the license branches anymore. So I’m wondering why in the world I wasted all the time and trips to the BMV to pick up a plate that wasn’t even there. So, I asked. Before I could stop myself, I had uttered “excuse me?” because I was in such shock I didn’t understand what she said the first time. She said plates are not delivered to the branches anymore. I would be given a temporary plate, and my plate would come in the mail within 30 days.

So, I figured next time I could just mail my payment and get my plate by mail. That would solve the whole problem. Oh no. That isn’t possible. You have to come into the branch to pay for the plate, and then they mail it to you. I said “well, that sure makes a lot of sense.” And the poor clerk said she didn’t make the rules. I told her I understood. So then I went to re-reserve my plate as I do every year. Then she informed me that I can’t do that until I have the actual plate in hand. Of course, they don’t have it and they are going to mail it. So now I have to go back to the BMV when it arrives to reserve my plate for next year. So now it takes TWO trips every year for a license plate!

So here’s BMV reform at work again. Instead of just sending the whole stock of ham radio plates for the entire year to the branches, they mail them individually to each person. Then after it arrives at my house, I have to take the plate to the BMV branch so they can re-reserve it. So if I have to take it back to the BMV, wouldn’t it save a whole lot of money and effort on both our parts if they just send it to the branch to begin with??????

If this is BMV reform, I’d hate to see a complete overhaul!

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