Good news, Bad news

Well, I have learned some very sad news and some very happy news. So I guess all things even out…. well at least a lot of them.

First, the sad news. Just 4 weeks ago, I stumbled onto my latest favorite TV show. I can’t remember seeing a show this funny that I really looked forward to for a very long time. And of course, now it’s cancelled. The Half Hour News Hour ran on Fox News Channel for 13 episodes before Fox News pulled it to “make some adjustments”. I can’t imagine what they could adjust to make it better. The fake commercials were hilarious, and the interviews were just so full of wit. I can’t believe it’s gone. Surely it didn’t cost much to make. And, as I google the show, I see all kinds of people who hate it… of course they hate it because the show makes their views look pretty ridiculous. So I guess when you see how off center your view is, you divert the attention by complaining about how horrible it is. It’s almost like Dennis Kucinich diverting the dicsussion of every issue to Iraq. What’s wrong with Social Security? Well, we shouldn’t spent the money on Iraq. Healthcare? Iraq. Education? Iraq. The cost of ice cream? You guessed it, Iraq. Give me a break! How about answering the questions instead of sidestepping them all the time! So anyway, three cheers for the Half Hour News Hour team. I hope it’s released on DVD soon, or even better BRING IT BACK!!

Now for the good news! Ann Coulter was on an interview on Fox (only a little liberal) News Channel last night announcing her new book! It was released today. It looks to be very funny. If it’s anything like the other two I have, it will be very entertaining and right on target as usual. In fact, I think I’ll go get it right now!!

So…. bye for now. Rappster out.

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