Downgraded to iPhone SE 3rd gen

Well, I held out as long as I could.  Apple still refuses to include a headphone jack in the iPhone.  My 6S was failing, and had already been through 2 battery replacements.  So, I had to pick a replacement.  I finally went with the SE 3rd gen.  I wasn’t going to lose Touch ID too, and the physical home button just makes me feel better although I guess I could do without it.  It brought me up to true 5G speed and 5G+, which honestly neither is testing faster than LTE at all).  But, the hardware is there anyway.  The camera is a little better, but otherwise it feels like the 6S.  Except of course, for the lack of a headphone jack.  I bought a couple of the one piece adapters to keep in the lightning port that has a lighting port for charging/data and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.  

I’ve been doing fine with it until I went on vacation and found myself needing to use headphones for listening to audio on a flight back home.  The only earbuds I had were 3.5mm, as were the free ones on the plane.  So, my frustration of not having a built in headphone jack struck yet again.  Here’s hoping it comes back eventually, and switch the lightning over to USB-C for charging and data.  Standardization is a good thing, Apple.  I’d really like to have a more powerful version of the iPhone, but the lack of major features like Touch ID, a headphone jack, and a home button just keep screaming NO.

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